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Liverpool Health Partners has developed the first educational programme aimed at addressing the issues that arose through the Francis Inquiry report regarding openness and transparency.


The Francis Inquiry report looked at the care failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust over a period of four years. It made 290 recommendations to avoid future problems and improve the care offered to patients across the NHS.

Liverpool Health Partners has developed an educational package in response to the Francis report, to make sure that the views of healthcare and hospital staff are listened to, which will assist in the provision of safer and more respectful care.

Dr Tom Kennedy, our co-director of education, developed this package in response to the report’s particular recommendation to “encourage greater openness and transparency”. It provides staff with a range of options to supply feedback, beginning with a group discussion using case studies based on real patient experiences, and culminating in an anonymous online assessment.

Jan Lacey, matron in the Acute Medical Assessment Unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital describes it as, “a very useful exercise. It provides a good way to encourage staff to discuss very difficult issues.”

LHP plans to make the package available to as many trusts as possible, beginning with our partner trusts.


The Francis Report will be available in new year, please click here to register your interest and we will email you when the system is avaliable.


“Many members of the team now feel they’ve been listened to properly for the first time, and this has engendered a camaraderie between all the staff members.”

Dr Tom Kennedy, Co-Director of Education (Implementation)


Each of the nine institutions that make up Liverpool Health Partners has an international reputation for the outstanding work they do in their specialist fields.

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For more information about Improving Quality in Healthcare: Learning from the Francis Report, contact Liverpool Health Partners directly on 0151 795 0176 and we would be happy to help.


Stage 1:
Multi-disciplinary Group Discussion

Discussions take place at a local level within Trusts, involving any member of staff who wants to share their views. This is not limited to medical or nursing practitioners but can also include, for example, domestic and cleaning staff. This inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach means that the views shared can encompass a wider range of perspectives and any changes that result from the discussions will show the maximum benefit to patient care.

Case studies are created from real situations and discussed within the multi-disciplinary team.

Stage 2:
Online Survey

Members of staff who have taken part in the multi-disciplinary group discussion are then asked to complete an anonymous Reflection and Assessment Survey. This provides the opportunity to feed back any thoughts and opinions on the Francis Report, hospital care and the group discussion they were involved in.

Users need to register with the site here [internal link] before taking the survey. After both stages of the Improving Quality in Healthcare: Learning from the Francis Report programme have been completed, participants will be rewarded with a certificate


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