“Collaborations have existed for many years but, with a new catalyst to accelerate and facilitate closer working, we can achieve much more; LHP is that catalyst.” - Rosalind Way, Director of Operations at LHP


Liverpool Health Partners’ vision is to improve research, innovation, training and healthcare and we are fortunate enough to have access to twelve internationally renowned institutions with a shared goal. Our partners combine clinical and scientific expertise to develop and showcase world-leading research, education, healthcare and innovation. Together, we promote and encourage the very best individuals within the very best organisations and combine our expertise and knowledge to create a healthcare system where patients receive top-quality care.

Merseyside, named after the River Mersey, is where we are based and our presence here means we have the potential to make a significant difference to individuals and healthcare workers in the North West, while our research and innovation recommendations can improve health outcomes across the world. We endeavour to achieve a partnership that reflects our six key values - excellence, enterprise, transparency, integrity, social responsibility and collaboration – in everything we do.



“Our vision is to be a leading centre, nationally and globally, for the uptake of innovative, applied health research and education into healthcare and better health outcomes, a vision that can only be met by an integrated approach from bench to bedside to public health improvement”

Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed,  Executive Director

Nearly 1.4 million people live in Merseyside and it is a region that faces significant health challenges. In spite of this, Liverpool is the third largest biomedical cluster in the country and LHP is proudly situated at the heart of it.

Our key partners include specialist trusts and renowned teaching hospitals and LHP also encompasses the Clinical Commissioning Group, community care and mental health. Find out more about our partners here.

Our positioning in the region, along with the excellence promoted by all of our strategic partners, means we can use our influence and expertise to combine the best research, healthcare practice, innovation and education. 


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