What we do

Liverpool Health Partners plays a core role in facilitating medical research breakthroughs, education and service improvement that directly benefits patients and the public. We do this through our unique collaboration with health trusts and academic and research institutions. In practice, this means that we can encourage scientific progress and make a considerable difference to the healthcare and treatment that patients receive, while encouraging research and innovation.


Liverpool Health Partners brings together internationally renowned partner organisations so that we can collaborate and co-operate to compete on a world stage. This incredible combination of expertise and innovation means we can draw investment and development into the North West region and beyond.


“Until LHP was founded, there was no organisation that could ensure a seamless path to translate research and education into practice.”

-  Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, Executive Director



“It’s not how good we are, it’s how good we want to be that counts.”

-  Dr Chris Mimnagh, Director of Clinical Strategy – Primary and Community Care


Liverpool Health Partners wants to:

  • further develop the region as a centre for world-class biomedical and health research, applying biomedical discovery to experimental medicine for new diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • deliver the highest standards of education and training across all health professionals through innovative programmes and evidence-based practice
  • improve the health outcomes of our population and have an impact on major health challenges at a local, national and international level
  • improve service delivery in the interest of patient outcomes

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This diagram shows how each section is interconnected and that all areas need to work together rather than autonomously.


Did you know? Healthcare is important to the economy. The healthcare sector and areas of health innovation and research employ large numbers of people in Merseyside and around the country.

Did you know?



“LHP adds up to far more than the sum of its world-class parts: it is building a reputation as a national model for collaboration between the NHS, academic institutions, research institutions and industry stakeholders, boasting both the very highest research expertise, across a range of clinical specialisms and playing a leading role in transforming patient care.”

-  Professor Martin Lombard, Director of Clinical Strategy – Secondary and Tertiary Care


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