Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is made up of representatives from each of the 92 practices across Liverpool. We are responsible for planning NHS services 
across the city, and work with other clinicians and healthcare 
providers to ensure they meet the needs of local people. 

This includes:

  • Elective hospital care
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Most community health services
  • Mental health and learning disability services

 Clinical Commissioning Groups came into statutory form on April 1 2013.  

You'll find information from NHS England explaining NHS structures here

Creation of CCGs forms part of the Government's wider desire to create a clinically-driven commissioning system that is more sensitive to the needs of patients. Our organisation works with patients and healthcare professionals, as well as in partnership with local communities and local authorities. On our governing body in addition to GPs, we have a registered nurse and a doctor who is a secondary care specialist. 

Liverpool CCG is overseen by the NHS Commissioning Board which will make sure we have the capacity and capability to commission services successfully and to meet our financial responsibilities. 


Health and Services

This section contains information on the services Liverpool CCG commissions on  

behalf of its patients and how they are accessed. There is also information about how you can improve your health.

Finding services in your area 
If you need to find a GP, dentist, optician, walk-in centre in your area, you can find this information by using the drop-down menu on the front page or by logging onto NHS Choices. The site also contains contact information, will advise you if a surgery is currently taking on new NHS patients and provides patient feedback.


Vision, Values and Objectives

Our Vision

  • By 2020, health outcomes for the people within Liverpool will have improved relative to the rest of England, and health inequalities within Liverpool will have narrowed.
  • The quality of health care received by Liverpool patients will be consistent and of high quality.  They will be measured by patient feedback, provider assessment, and external review processes. 
  •   Both will be achieved efficiently within the available resources.


Our Values

Patient Focused and Outcome Led  

  • We will empower our patients to engage in improving their overall quality of  life, to interact in their care plans, and to ensure that no decisions will be  made without fully involving patients, both in the planning and monitoring of  services. 

Partnership and Collaboration

  • We believe in working in unity, both within our organisation and externally with  our partners.  We listen to, communicate with, and work effectively with all our  partners including membership practices, Trusts, the Local Authority, and  Commissioning Support Services. 

Locally Focused

  • We will work through locality and neighbourhood groups to implement and  deliver services that meet the needs of our communities.


  • We encourage innovation and continuous improvement in all services we  commission.  We will target our resources in the most effective way to ensure  we offer value for money in the services we provide, and equity for patients.


  • We accept responsibility for our actions.  We make and support business  decisions through experience, evidence and good judgement, and we will  deliver against our promises.

Integrity and Respect

  • We will act with honesty and transparency in all our actions.  We are  committed to a teamwork environment, where every member of the CCG is  valued, encouraged to contribute and recognised for their efforts. 


Integrated care

Liverpool CCG and Liverpool City Council, together with a range of organisations across heath care, mental health, social care, voluntary sector and housing, are transforming the way that the city supports people with long term conditions. This new approach puts people at the centre of the care they receive, empowers them to take control of their own health and wellbeing, and avoids unnecessary hospital visits where possible.  

Liverpool’s plans have been informed by extensive work with local people, and built around the needs and behaviours of people with long term conditions and their carers. Already, local teams of GPs, community matrons, social workers, mental health workers and voluntary sector staff are coming together on a regular basis to identity people who are in most need of support, and put in place coordinated plans for their care. 

Click on your chosen language below to download an information leaflet about how integrated care works: 



Hospital and Community Services

Commissioning in the NHS is the process of ensuring that the health and
care services provided effectively meet the needs of the population. 

It is a complex process with responsibilities ranging from assessing population needs, prioritising health outcomes, procuring products and services, and managing service providers.

These services are then monitored by commissioners to ensure they deliver both a good quality service for patients and provide value for money. 

Examples of who Liverpool CCG commissions service from include GPs, dentists, community pharmacists, NHS and private hospitals, and voluntary sector organisations. 

Organisations providing services for the population of Liverpool include:


Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group HQ

3rd Floor

The Department

2 Renshaw Street

Liverpool, L1 2SA



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