• The Hewitt Fertility Centre for Reproductive Medicine is the largest centre of its kind in Europe, performing 3,000 NHS and private treatment cycles each year. The centre is dedicated to research and innovation and fitted with the very best in latest technology.

    Contact: Tel: 0800 103 2642

  • Provider of a regional genetics service known as the Merseyside and Cheshire Genetics Service; comprising the Clinical Genetics Service as well as the Trust's Laboratory Services.

    Lead: Clinical Genetics Services

    Contact: Tel: 015 802 5001

  • A renowned centre for gynaecology oncology, the Women’s provides services for the whole of Cheshire and Merseyside. The Trust also has a 24 hour gynaecology Emergency Room and an Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit giving rapid access to medical treatment and ultrasound scans for women who experience a gynaecology emergency, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.

    Contact: Tel: 0151 708 9988

  • A specialist regional centre for cancer services within the Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network. The Merseyside & Cheshire Cancer Network was formed in 2000 and links together the organisations that provide care for people with cancer across Merseyside and Cheshire. The network covers a population of 2.3 million people.

    Contact: Tel: 0151 708 9988

  • Liverpool Women’s is a recognised centre of excellence for neonatal care - providing care for babies born prematurely, with low weight or who have a medical condition that requires specialist treatment.


  • Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust specialises in Maternity, Gynaecology, Neonatal Care and Fertility services. The Trusts maternity team cares for women and their babies from conception to birth, supported by a neonatal team who provide around the clock care for premature and new born babies needing specialist care.Services include obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatal and fertility care.

  • Liverpool Women’s Neonatal Unit is part of the Cheshire and Merseyside Neonatal Network and takes care of more than 1,000 babies and their families every year from the Isle of Man, North Wales and other areas of the country - Liverpool Women’s Neonatal Unit is part of the Neonatal Network - a collaborative partnership between service providers and Primary Care Trust commissioners who jointly review, plan, commission and oversee the clinical development of the service.

  • The Women's is one of only two trusts in the UK dedicated to the care of women, offering a comprehensive range of gynaecology services.

  • The Trust recently invested £10 million into modernising its maternity services to improve the experience of women and their families even further.


Many types of research projects are performed within the Trust by its researchers, covering the organisation's specialised areas including maternitygynaecologyneonatal care,fertilitygenetics, miscarriage, urogynaecology and cancer.

In December 2014, the Trust was announced as the host of the North West Coast Genomics Medicine Centre, contributing to the national 100,000 Genome Project led by Genomics England.

The Trust's research projects include:

• Randomised controlled trials to test the effectiveness of healthcare services
• Studies of the causes of diseases and complications of pregnancy
• Studies looking at risk factors associated with diseases
• Studies that summarise previous research
• Genetic research
• Qualitative research - listening to what people say about services or treatments in order to understand what is important to them
• Trials of cancer treatments, including surgery and chemotherapy


  • The Trust is committed to active involvement of patients, their carers, potential users of the service and the wider public in our research. The Trust’s Research User Group was founded in 2009 to ensure that the views of members are taken on-board to both improve the quality of our research studies as well as making sure the work is useful, relevant and of high quality. Group members can become involved in various stages of the research process from identifying, prioritising and designing projects, to analysing, interpreting and cascading results. The group is open to all regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or disability.

    Lead: Research User Group

    Contact: / Tel: 0151 702 4346

  • The research facilities at Liverpool Women's Hospital house the world renowned Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group . The Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group is part of the international Cochrane Collaboration, an independent not-for-profit consortium dedicated to providing up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of health care. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is the largest single funder of this Cochrane Review Group.

    Lead: Managing Editor, Frances Kellie

    Contact: / Tel: 0151 7959571



  • The Hewitt Fertility Centre is dedicated to research and innovation, and has invested in the very best in latest technology:

    - State-of-the-art assisted conception laboratories
    - Electronic Witnessing (IVFWitness™ System)
    - Undisturbed Culture  (EmbryoScope™)
    - Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)
    - Fertility Preservation
    - Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva)

  • The Trust houses the Cochrane Database - a  collection of databases in medicine and other healthcare specialties that provide a systematic review and meta-analyses which summarize and interpret the results of medical research.

  • The Neonatal Unit is located within Liverpool Women’s Crown Street site. The Unit houses 54 cots; 16 for the intensive care of the newborn, 18 for high dependency, 14 for low dependency care and 6 for transitional care


  • Liverpool Women's Hospital has strong links with Alder Hey Children's Hospital providing a strong research base for women's and children's health.



  • The Hewitt Fertility Centre at Liverpool Women's Hospital was the first infertility clinic in the world to offer patients the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) Test which has been described as the biggest breakthrough in IVF (in vitro fertilisation) in the last ten years.
  • The Women's is the largest hospital of its kind in Europe.
  • Staff deliver 8’500 babies per year.
Crown Street
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Staff 1333
In patients 40674
Out patients 140842
Beds 237
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