• The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre operates a Wirral-based treatment centre providing the highest quality, specialist nonsurgical oncology treatment and care for more than 2.3 million residents in Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man as well as national and international cancer patients.

The Wirral-based treatment centre is supported by a £17m radiotherapy satellite facility in Fazakerley, Liverpool and specialist chemotherapy clinics in seven of Merseyside’s district hospitals which together provide a comprehensive range of radiotherapy (including low energy proton beam treatments) and chemotherapy treatments in outpatient and inpatient settings.

The Trust also provides outpatient consultations, diagnostic imaging services and support services and deliver the Acute Oncology medical service across the network.

Lead: Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Liverpool

Contact: Tel: 0151 514 2800

  • The Trust's Proton Therapy Facility remains the only patient treatment facility in the UK, providing a service with proton therapy for eye tumours. Proton therapy is a type of particle therapy which uses a beam of protons to irradiate diseased tissue. The chief advantage of proton therapy is the ability to more precisely localise the radiation dosage when compared with other types of external beam radiotherapy.

    Lead: Head of Cyclotron, Douglas Cyclotron, Dr Andrzej Kacperek

    Contact: /Tel: 0151 334 6366

  • As part of the 'Clatterbridge in the Community' programme the Trust offers patients specialist chemotherapy treatment away from a hospital setting, bringing treatments closer to local residents.

    Lead: Head of Day Case and Outpatient Services (Chemotherapy), Joan Spencer

    Contact: /Tel: 0151 334 1155

  • In April 2013 the Trust introduced ‘The Clatterbridge Clinic’ - a specialist cancer clinic for private patients offering chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. The Clinic is managed by The Mater Private in joint partnership with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and benefits from their consultant’s clinical expertise.

    Lead: Clinic Manager, Jane Taylor,

    Contact: /Tel: 0151 334 4000

  • A dedicated ‘Papillon Suite' houses the UK’s first radiotherapy machine for early rectal tumours. The Papillon technique is a form of treatment known as contact radiotherapy. Papillon was first introduced at the Centre in 1992 and the Trust are now pioneering this treatment in the UK; training consultants, physicists, radiographers and surgeons from across the UK and mainland Europe.

    Lead: Professor Sun Myint

    Contact: Tel: 0151 482 7826

  • The Trust hosts the region’s Teenage and Young Adult Unit with the support of the Teenage Cancer Trust. The team work across the whole of Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network, seeing patients in other hospitals and at home.

    Lead: TYA Unit Manager, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Laura Elder,

    Contact: Tel: 0151 334 1155


  • Treatments include pioneering chemotherapy, radiotherapy and proton therapy and combine world-class clinical services, research and academic excellence. They provide the highest quality, specialist cancer diagnosis and care for more than 2.3million residents in Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, the Isle of Man and parts of Lancashire as well as national and international cancer patients.

  • As one of the largest radiotherapy centres in the UK, during 2013/14 the Trust delivered in excess of 98,672 outpatient radiotherapy treatments.

  • Annually, the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre delivers 44,000 outpatient chemotherapy treatments and more than 3,500 inpatient chemotherapy episodes of care.


The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre works in collaboration with NHS and academic partners supports the development of high quality research and development, including:

• Physics research

• A portfolio of locally-led clinical research

• A portfolio of nursing and cancer rehabilitation and support research

• Commercial research portfolio (including gene therapy)

• A portfolio of National Institute for Health Research studies (Phase II-III).

• The Liverpool Early Drug Development Unit (Translational research and Phase I/II trials)

• There are currently over 120 clinical trials taking place at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

Research at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is supported by:

• Nine chemotherapy clinics carrying out over 43,000 treatments per year.

• Some of the most modern radiotherapy and imaging facilities anywhere in Europe. We operate ten linear accelerators (three in our satellite site in Liverpool) and were the first in the country to gain access to the Novalis TX machine for the delivery of stereotactic radiosurgery.

•  The only clinical proton therapy facility in the UK specialising in the treatment of cancers within the eye.  We are an internationally recognised pioneer in the use of proton therapy.

•  An Oncology Pharmacy Department producing all chemotherapy in-house including a purpose built licensed aseptic unit.  We are able to deliver Gene Therapy Studies at Levels 1 and 2.

•  The establishment of an oncology bio-bank to store blood, plasma, cellular material and urine. The Biobank will facilitate research into the molecular mechanisms of cancer / biomarker discovery for early detection of cancer and will be accessible to local and national collaborators.


The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre undertakes clinical research as part of the Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Research Network. The Merseyside & Cheshire Cancer Network was formed in 2000 and links together the organisations that provide care for people with cancer across Merseyside and Cheshire. The network covers a population of 2.3 million people.

The Research and Development Directorate have a number of prime objectives, including, maximising the opportunities for patients to participate in high quality research, and to help researchers achieve external funding from grant-giving bodies and commercial sponsors. View all research objectives.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre undertakes a high number of clinical trials. View information for allcurrent clinical trials activity.

Key contacts for the Research Department are:

Director of Research
Mrs Jenny Almond RGN PgCSE PgDip MSc
Tel:  0151 334 1155 ext. 4740

Research Manager
Dr Maria Maguire BSC (Hons) MPhil PhD
Tel: 0151 334 1155 ext. 4917
Mobile: 07985473249

Research Business Manager (Trust approvals)
Mr Laurie Lomax
Tel: 0151 482 7804 ext. 4926

Research Secretary
Ms Llinos Cunnah
Tel: 0151 334 1155 ext. 5563



  • The Trust is currently the only provider of proton therapy in the UK.

  • It also pioneered the use of Papillon radiotherapy when it was the first British centre to introduce the treatment in 1992

  • The Trust employs 131 therapy radiographers and hosts one of the best-equipped radiotherapy centres in the UK. Facilities include ten clinical linear accelerators (including the UKs first Novalis Tx treatment system), superficial and orthovoltage X-ray machines, two simulators, two scanners - a wide bore single slice Computer Tomography (CT) simulator and a multi-slice helical Computer Tomography (CT) simulator. In addition there are three planning computers, including 3D planning facilities.


  • The Trust worked in partnership with the neighbouring specialist neurological Trust (The Walton Centre) during the development in 2011 of a new radiotherapy treatment facility in Liverpool. The partnership now offers North West cancer patients treatment options previously unavailable in the region.
  • The Trust has a number of research partners including: Liverpool Experimental Cancer Medicines Centre, John Moores University, University of Liverpool, Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit, National Cancer Research Network, NIHR, Cancer Research Network.


  • The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre support the development of the Academic Unit of Oncology which brings together high quality clinical services, research and academic excellence.


  • Professor Carlo Palmieri, Chair of Medical Oncology specialises in the management of breast cancer, and is involved in designing and running breast cancer clinical trials.
  • Dr Peter Clark, Clinical Reference Group Chair for Chemotherapy and the Chair of the Cancer Drugs Fund.
  • Dan Palmer and Philip Johnson, chairs of Medical Oncology within the Trust.
  • Michael Brada, Chair of Clinical Oncology.


  • Proposals to expand the services provided by The Clatterbridge Cancer will see a new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in the heart of Liverpool, alongside The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, the University of Liverpool and Cancer Research UK’s Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit.  This would become The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s main site from Autumn 2018.  
  • The Trust will continue to provide outpatient treatment for most cancers at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral and its second radiotherapy unit at Aintree.  Its chemotherapy clinics and outpatient clinics at local hospitals across Merseyside and Cheshire would also continue.  The Wirral site would be redeveloped so patients continued to benefit from high-quality facilities.  



  • The Trust was announced as the ‘NHS Board of the Year’ award at the 2013 North West Leadership Awards.
  • The Trust have pioneered a number of revolutionary radiotherapy treatment techniques including Rapid Arc technology to reduce treatment delivery times, and was the first facility in the UK to operate the Novalis Tx linear accelarator. Novalis Tx radiosurgery is a targeted and non-invasive alternative to cancer surgery.
  • In 2013 the Trust became the first facility in Europe to offer its patients TrueBeam 2.0 technology which provides the utmost accuracy for radiotherapy treatments. The technology will be primarily used to treat patients with lung, head & neck, oesophagus and bladder cancers, with a specific focus on lung cancers, due to the ability to image in 4D.

Clatterbridge Road
CH63 4JY


Staff 860
In patients 2282
Out patients 29382
Beds 77
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