What We Do

We deliver research and education programmes for implementation into service, designed to address population need, create wealth and thereby positively impact the lives of many locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Approach

  • Collaborate – bringing partners together to work on issues of common interest
  • Discover – generating new knowledge from research and new capacity and capability from education that can be implemented into service
  • Improve – realising the benefits of research and education to improve population health and economic productivity

Life course themes

LHP activity is based upon the life course.

The life course recognises that whilst opportunities and challenges in life may be anchored at particular points or phases in time, their origins and effects can manifest at any point in time.

The life course approach recognises three phases:

  • Starting Well – focused on giving each child the best start in life
  • Living Well – focused on maximising one’s own health and preventing ill-health before it has begun
  • Ageing Well – focused on optimising lifespan free from disability


Liverpool Health Partners have developed a set of priorities based upon:

  1. Health and Social Care need. Cheshire & Merseyside has some of the worst health in the country.  LHP has a civic duty to address this need.
  2. Sadly, lots of poor health means there are lots of patients to study. Our region also has a good research and education infrastructure as a result of previous investments which can be aligned with our priorities. A high concentration of specialist Trusts in Cheshire & Merseyside adds clinical strength to our efforts and provides the natural laboratory to test our improvements.
  3. Academic excellence. Our diverse universities provide expertise in research and education.

A detailed assessment of our strengths and needs in each of these three areas has identified a robust set of priorities that if addressed, would deliver improved population health and economic productivity

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