Funding announcement: Translational pump priming

The Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research (CEIDR) is a partnership between the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the University of Liverpool (UoL) focused on translational partnering in infectious diseases to address current and future health priorities. CEIDR aims to become the single portal for external organisations to make connections, source expertise and resources in infectious diseases in Liverpool. CEIDR’s core activities are building relationships with industry and academic organisations to advance drugs, vaccines and diagnostics towards market.

Alongside its operational activities, CEIDR aims to enhance the translational potential of high-quality research from LSTM and the UoL, targeting unmet market needs in the field of infectious diseases. It will achieve this by providing translational pump-priming (CEIDR TPP) funding for new areas of research to LSTM and UoL researchers for collaborative projects between LSTM and UoL and/or clinical partners from the Liverpool City Region in the field of infectious diseases. Projects that can demonstrate industry interest or support (in kind or other) are of interest. The aim of the CEIDR TPP funding is to enhance translational potential and can be used to complement recently awarded research funding.

The maximum value of the awards will be £50,000 and applications for smaller grants are encouraged as we are seeking to make a mixture of awards by value. Subject to the quality of applications at least five awards are available in the 2019 round with a start date of 1st September 2019.