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Working with local research centres to improve health across the region

Liverpool Health Partners is proud to have adopted a number of HEI centres of research excellence, bringing together esteemed experts and first class facilities to help improve the health of the local population.

Research Centre for Arts and Wellbeing, Edge Hill University

The Research Centre for Arts and Wellbeing aspires to establish multi-layered national and international partnerships to make use of good practice in the arts to improve the lives of people, their communities and wider environment.

Led by Professor Vicky Karkou, the centre has developed over the last decade into an active research group that has engaged in interdisciplinary research activities in the form of research projects, publications, events and masterclasses.

Contact: artswell@edgehill.ac.uk

Respiratory Research Centre, Edge Hill University

The Respiratory Research Centre harnesses a range of academic disciplines to explore the management of respiratory conditions from diverse perspectives, in collaboration with external clinical and academic colleagues.

Led by Prof Sally Spencer and Dr Carol Kelly, the multi-disciplinary research centre focuses on multi-professional, patient-centred studies, including systematic reviews and the management of these respiratory conditions such as bronchiectasis.

Contact: RespiratoryResearchCentre@edgehill.ac.uk

Liverpool Cancer Research Institute

The Liverpool Cancer Research Institute, is a strategic initiative which aims to consolidate the existing strengths in biomedical and translational cancer research in Liverpool, grow its capability and accelerate the translation of research into improved patient outcomes.

The LCRI builds on the success of previous strategic cancer research initiatives in the region. At the heart of the endeavour is a three-way partnership between the region’s three biggest stakeholders in cancer research, namely the University of Liverpool (UoL), The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust (CCC) and North West Cancer Research (NWCR), working alongside Liverpool Health Partners.

Professor Andy Pettitt is the Director of LCRI and Dr Matina Tsalavouta is the Head of Strategic Planning and Engagement.

Contact: lcri@liverpool.ac.uk

The Liverpool Head and Neck Centre

An integral component of LCRI, the Liverpool Head and Neck Centre, is led by Prof Terry Jones. It combines internationally recognised clinical and research strengths to deliver research-led improvements in the quality and safety of patient care. Partners include LHP, The Walton Centre, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Liverpool University Hospitals, and the University of Liverpool. LHNC is a constituent centre of the University of Liverpool Cancer Research Institute.

Diseases of the Head and Neck and, in particular Head and Neck cancer, are major healthcare issues in Cheshire and Merseyside. LHNC comprises a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians and scientists who work together to strategise, coordinate and facilitate research into diseases of the head and neck locally, nationally and internationally.  In doing so LHNC aims to train the next generation of clinical and scientific head and neck cancer researchers. 

Liverpool Head and Neck Centre contact: J.Crane@liverpool.ac.uk

The Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science

The Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science (LCCS), led by Professor Gregory Lip, is a strategic research collaboration between Liverpool Health Partners, Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital, Liverpool John Moores University, and the University of Liverpool

It is committed to tackling the issue of cardiac health in the region and beyond by building relationships with public and commercial stakeholders, developing a cadre of research leaders and teams as well as collaborating across the full spectrum of cardiovascular health. It aims to prioritise the development of applied research capable of rapid translation into clinical practice, harness the power of digital technology and organise public engagement events to increase awareness of the importance of cardiovascular health.

Contact: lccs@liverpool.ac.uk

Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research, University of Liverpool

The Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research (CEIDR), led by Professor William Hope OBE, focuses on infection therapeutics. Its mission is to minimise the impact of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance on human health in Liverpool, the UK and globally.

CEIDR is committed to excellence in research activity, with diversity, integrity and equality at the essence of everything we do. It has partnerships with like-minded organisations ensure to represent the needs of people in our local area, those elsewhere in the UK and overseas.

Contact: jan.nugara@liverpool.ac.uk

The Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour, Liverpool John Moores University

The Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour, led by Dr Cathy Montgomery and Dr Peter Malinowski, carries out research that takes a multidisciplinary approach in understanding how the brain and mind function as well as the behaviours they manifest.

The centre brings together neuroscientists, physiologists and psychologists in three Schools – Psychology, Biological and Environmental Science – working together to better understand human behaviour. Research includes applied psychology, cognitive psychology, sports psychology, affective neuroscience and mindfulness.

Contact: c.a.montgomery@ljmu.ac.uk

The Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University

The Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, led by Professor Bill Baltzopoulos, is the home of broad based, multidisciplinary, fundamental and applied research.

From adapting play areas to tackle unhealthy lifestyles in children, providing cardiac screening, to studying nutritional support for elite athletes, the centre staff interrogate the ‘exercise response’ from the cell to the community and its youngest and oldest members.

Contact: v.baltzopoulos@ljmu.ac.uk

The Public Health Institute, Liverpool John Moores University

The Public Health Institute specialises in applied research and educational programmes addressing health issues at all levels, from policy development to service delivery. The PHI works in partnership with health services, local authorities, judicial bodies, environmental services and community groups. 

The PHI’s research has been at the forefront of the development of multi-agency strategies to promote and protect public health. The PHI turns information and data into meaningful and timely intelligence.

Contact: phi@ljmu.ac.uk

Liverpool Centre for Alcohol Research

The Liverpool Centre for Alcohol Research led by Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, will operate as a collaborative space that will welcome input from local universities and NHS trusts and LHP,  alongside engagement with organisations beyond the Liverpool City Region. The centre, which is under active development, aims to promote healthier local, national and international populations through alcohol-related research and innovation.

Contact: igilmore@liverpool.ac.uk

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