LHP’s commitment is to align with the NHS’s Long Term Plan, increasing the proportion of early stage cancer diagnosis and to increase cancer survival rates.


In support of the One Liverpool Covid-19 pandemic response, the LHP cancer programme led by Professor Andy Pettitt, is working on the development of a portfolio of emerging cancer/Covid-19 research projects bringing together multidisciplinary teams for biomedical (fundamental, translational, clinical) and psychology/social science based studies.

Please contact  Dr Matina Tsalavouta, LHP Cancer Programme Manager, for further information.

Across Cheshire and Merseyside the Cancer surgeon community already collects the evidence needed to assess the impact of Covid-19 on cancer patients who need surgery. Click here to read more. 



  • To drive, facilitate and co-ordinate the development of a comprehensive and fully integrated strategy for cancer research within the LHP footprint that:
    1. Addresses the needs of the local population
    2. Plays to region’s strengths and fulfils its research potential
  • To establish an optimal collaborative framework through which LHP partners can work with one another and with other relevant stakeholders to shape and deliver the LHP Cancer Programme Strategy.


  • Cancer incidence in Liverpool is higher than in most comparable cities.
  • Cancer mortality in Liverpool is falling but still higher than in most comparable cities.
  • Cancer survival rates in Liverpool have improved and now are similar to the rest of the UK – this likely reflects the high quality of care received after a cancer diagnosis.
  • Participation in national screening programmes for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer is below the national average in Liverpool.


We are currently developing with our partners the framework around which we will build our strategy. Cancer research is multi-dimensional and can be categorised by tumour site, healthcare setting, or research theme (e.g. cancer screening, clinical trials etc.). Through discussions with our partners we explore the most appropriate way to structure LHP Cancer Programme Strategy in order to ensure:

  • Inclusion of the whole spectrum of cancer research
  • Inclusion of all tumour sites and healthcare settings
  • Optimal alignment with NHS 10-year plan
  • Sharing of expertise and best practice across within LHP’s footprint.

The Programme Director is Professor Andy Pettitt and the Programme Manager is Dr Matina Tsalavouta. For more information about this research programme, please email

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