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Neuroscience & Mental Health

Understanding the brain to develop more effective treatments for people with neurological and mental health disorders.

Neuroscience & Mental Health

Neuroscience research is about understanding the brain and to develop more effective treatments for people with neurological and mental health disorders.

The LHP Neuroscience and Mental Health Programme ambition is to build on the strengths and expertise of our partners to translate neuroscience discoveries into better brain health and well-being for people in Cheshire and Merseyside to facilitate the integration of mental health and clinical neuroscience research for diagnosis, pathogenesis, and intervention across the life course.

The Life Course

Using a life course approach to neuroscience and mental health research we can increase the impact of applying research findings to help improve health outcomes. Starting from brain development in infants to lifestyle and environmental factors that increase the risk of neurological and psychiatric brain disorders in adolescence to adulthood.

This offers opportunities for both prevention and improved intervention.

This programme over the life course

Starting Well

Identifying risk factors to healthy neurodevelopment from birth can lead to prevention of mental illness and neurological diseases

Living Well

Mental health problems significantly increase the risk of poor physical health, and vice versa, research will focus on this complex interaction to improve patient outcomes.

Ageing Well

Translational Neuroscience aims to understand brain mechanisms to discover biomarkers that can enable new therapeutics to address the healthcare challenges of an aging population.

The LHP Team

Professor Conor MallucciProgramme Director Neuroscience and Mental Healthlhpadmin@lhch.nhs.uk
Dr Jade ThaiProgramme Manager for Neuroscience and Mental Healthlhpadmin@lhch.nhs.uk