Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing

For decades, Government and the NHS have prioritised caring for us when we are sick. A fundamental shift in is now needed to embed the principle of “prevention is better than cure”.


LHP has a strategic ambition to embrace the wider determinants of health in its research and educational programmes.

One way to achieve this is to make research and education in health of the public a priority.

LHP is developing capability and activity in a new programme, called Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing, this looks at:
1. Preventing ill health
2. Promoting health & wellbeing
3. Protecting citizens from harm
4. Predicting the need for intervention whilst there is time to intervene
5. Personalising support and care to the individual

Thinking for this programme has been heavily influenced by the Government’s recent commitment to prevention

LHP will be recruiting a programme director for this theme.

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