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Living Well

Supporting research to give people the best chance of happy, healthy lives

Many factors make us healthy adults

Some people of working age face challenges which adversely affect their health and wellbeing. Our Living Well programme aims to support research to improve the quality of life for those of working age across Cheshire and Merseyside.

One Liverpool and the City Plan reflect that a range of factors affect health and wellbeing.  Clinical care accounts for 20% of what makes us healthy. A healthy lifestyle, the place we live and our communities all matter.

Living Well across the life course

Research to improve quality of life, through working age and beyond

Starting Well

The Living Well programme is closely aligned to Starting Well, which aims to increase the chances for a positive start in life. The Living Well programme supports research to promote a healthier life, for longer, into a secure older age

Living Well

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, preventing or mitigating adversity and promoting wellbeing are important factors to improve health for people of working age and beyond.

Ageing Well

Living a healthy life through working age increases the likelihood of longer life expectancy. The Living Well programme aims to support research to extend the number of healthy years that people live.

How to collaborate

Our Living Well Programme was launched in September 2021 with the appointment of our Living Well Programme Director, Professor Matt Ashton. 

We’re developing our strategy and areas of focus to support research that will improve health and wellbeing for people of working age. We will engage with the LHP Board, deliver a consultation workshop and present ideas to the LHP Grand Round Webinar in December.  We’ll be focusing on complexity, wellbeing, healthy environments and support for other LHP programmes

If you’re interested in collaborating with the Living Well programme, please get in touch with Programme Manager, Elizabeth Collins, at lhpadmin@lhch.nhs.uk.

Programme Contacts

Professor Matt AshtonLiving Well Programme Directorlhpadmin@lhch.nhs.uk
Elizabeth CollinsProgramme Manager for Infection & Living WellElizabeth.Collins@lhch.nhs.uk