The Single Point of Access to Research and Knowledge; a unique collaboration delivering high-quality research governance, costing, contracting and on-boarding of clinical trials and research projects

SPARK is a joint research service which brings together the Liverpool Health Partners (LHP) NHS Trusts and Universities research support functions to facilitate and deliver high quality, world class health research.

SPARK has a dedicated research team that can provide support and guidance during the course of a research project. Consequently, SPARK’s unique collaboration and infrastructure provides a streamlined research support service and a ‘Single Point of Access’ for Industry and Researchers.

How can SPARK support my Study?

  • SPARK can support and facilitate your grant application.
  • Unique team within SPARK working in collaboration with CRN NWC to help pull together the NHS costs for a grant application.
  • If you need help with your research design/protocol development then we can put you in contact with NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) and/or Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre (LCTC).

SPARK Grant Application Timelines:

  • Contact SPARK grants application team at as early as possible.
  • Initial request will be to complete the SPARK Grant Application and Costing Request Form available on
  • SPARK grants application team will support you through the full process and coordinate collating the costings from all parties.
  • SPARK will work in liaison with CRN NWC to finalise the NIHR SoECAT form for validation.

SPARK Research Support Services

· Support to Researchers on clinical research activities.

· Sponsorship and the sponsorship application process.

· Support Grant Applications

· Support and advice on Research and NHS costings for research projects.

· Project Registration and Study Set-up

· Research Governance

· Contracts

SPARK Collaborations

SPARK works in close collaboration with:

· Clinical Research Network North West Coast (CRN MWC)

· Research Design Service (RDS)

· Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre (LCTC)

SPARK Downloads

You can access SPARK related documents here:

· SPARK Grant Application and Costing Request Form


Liverpool Science Park, Innovation Centre One, 131 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TF

Tel: 0151 794 0119


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