Developing COVID and non-COVID research

Liverpool Health Partners is supporting the wider system responses through the Liverpool research response to COVID; STrategic One Liverpool Partnership for COVID (Liverpool STOP COVID) to prioritise and streamline regional efforts in COVID research. This allows for:

  • Rapid set up and delivery of national Urgent Public Health studies and local strategic research
  • Developing research collaborations around new COVID grant applications and the formation of new research partnerships across the region.


Silver Command Group meet three times a week – Monday. Wednesday and Friday (morning).

Silver Command Group will make an assessment on whether the research is feasible, based on real time capabilities and to ensure that the research can be carried out in a safe and appropriate way.

In order to ensure the feasibility of all COVID-19 related research, colleagues are required to complete the LHP Expression of Interest Form (LHP Grant Proposal EOI).

All COVID-19 related research will require Silver Command Group approval prior to submission of funding applications, or if funding is already in place, prior to work starting.


Researchers are asked to complete the COVID EOI Form (LHP Grant Proposal EOI) with as much information as you are able to but if this is a new idea or still at an early development stage, please focus on providing as much contextual information on need, your research question and what outcomes you would like to explore.

Completed EOI Form and supporting documentation should be sent to

LHP SPARK/HEI Team will review your application and assess if further information is required prior to SILVER Command review.

EOI will be triaged and reviewed as per the following Silver Command Review Process.

Review Process

Researchers will be informed via the LHP SPARK/HEI Team of the Silver Command Group Decision:

  • Approved to proceed: To follow LHP SPARK/HEI processes for grant application submissions and study set-up.
  • Approved pending further information: Re-reviewed by Silver Command either by Chairman’s Actions or Silver Command Group.
  • Declined to proceed

For further information please contact the LHP SPARK Team via

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