LHP shortlisted for HSJ award

Liverpool Health Partnership is proud to announce it has been shortlisted for an HSJ award in the Improving Outcomes Through Learning and Development category.

The largest awards in the healthcare sector and setting the standard for healthcare excellence, receiving a nomination for an HSJ award is a reflection of the brilliant work taking place.

Our incredible North West Coast Genomics Education Group embarked on a mission three years ago, seeking to get patients involved in a 100,000 Genomes Project as part of a massive NHS-wide transformation. Knowing that education was the key to enthuse others and give them the confidence to consent and counsel families with potential genomic disorders, we chose workshops as a quick, useful way to educate staff and patients.

These workshops continue to run today and have had a massive impact on, not only the shortlisted Bringing Genomics to Healthcare across the North-West Coast (NWC) project, but on the wider Liverpool Health Partnership. Over the years, many renowned, knowledgeable speakers have volunteered to run the workshops free of charge. In turn, we see this shortlisting as a reflection of their hard work just as much as it is of ours. We’re lucky to have dedicated healthcare professionals and scientists from the University and NHS who give up their time in the pursuit of improving patient care.

We recognise how important hard work is at all levels of our health workforce in our North-West Coast region. Everything from rural isolation to areas of deprivation means that our patients won’t ask for help or are unsure if they even need it. As such, we know it is our duty to make sure they have equal access to care, and education is the transformative way to do this.