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Liverpool Health Partners (LHP) was established in 2012 to encourage collaboration between NHS Trusts and Higher Education Institutions across the Liverpool City Region. Its mission is to unify the clinical and academic strengths of Cheshire and Merseyside to improve population health outcomes and economic productivity. Our board is made up of representatives of 12 world-leading organisations as well as an Independent Chair.

Some helpful information on our board

  • They have the authority to act on behalf of their organisation to enable us to bring about change quicker.
  • External members may be invited to attend with agreement from the Board but these members do not have voting rights.
  • There is a clear division of responsibility between the chairing of the LHP Board and the executive responsibility for the running of LHP’s business. The Chair is independent and appointed by the partners for a term of three years, renewable for a further term of three years with the agreement of the Partners, in accordance with Paragraph 19 of the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018.
  • Each year, the Chair’s objectives will be reviewed annually in line with LHP’s strategy and business plan. The appraisal process will be agreed by the Remuneration & Nominations Committee.
  • The Chair, in conjunction with the Remuneration & Nominations Committee, will appoint the Chief Executive and be responsible for their pay, conditions of service and any other staff matters.

What is our Chief Executive responsible for?

Our Chief Exec has three core responsibilities:

  • Delivering the LHP strategy on budget and on time
  • Reporting to the Board and other interested parties on the scope adequacy, delivery and strategic development of LHP
  • Producing the annual business plan and Annual Report

Who are our directors?

Our directors have responsibilities as the most senior managers of the operations of LHP and are expected to be in attendance at the Board, together with the Board Secretary.

Our directors are:

  • Chief Executive
  • Director of Delivery & Performance/Deputy Chief Executive
  • Director of Research Infrastructure & Education 
  • Director of Research Programmes

How does our board make decisions?

Our board has the autonomy to make decisions in relation to the organisation’s strategic direction and purpose, including matters around operational delivery. When there are concerns around the operational plans and future strategy of LHP, the Chair and Partners will put in place arrangements to resolve any adverse strategic and operational issues. The meeting must be quorate for any decision taken in this regard. This will include an escalation framework in line with accountability arrangements agreed with Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (LHCH).

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