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Liverpool STOP COVID

The LHP system acted rapidly and at scale to streamline processes across the COVID-19 research pipeline. To achieve this a temporary command and collaboration structure has been established to deliver a rapid research response for the people of Liverpool and to contribute to the worldwide effort in defeating the disease.

This rapid response has been established as the STrategic One Liverpool Partnership for COVID (Liverpool STOP COVID)

Our response

Building on the existing infrastructure of LHP SPARK, the response structure will align with and augment existing national and regional COVID command structures and Trust level controls.

  • Nationally prioritised Urgent Public Health (UPH) studies are classified by the Chief Medical Officer before being regionally prioritised by the Clinical Research Network North West Coast (CRN NWC)
  • The CRN team meet weekly to assess UPH and non-UPH studies and allocate CRN workforce. The CRN collects data weekly from Trusts on workforce (CRN and non-CRN)
  • Decisions on CRN staffing and recommendations around study operations from this CRN NWC group will feed the STOP COVID research pipeline
  • The STOP COVID response teams are working to a core structure

STOP COVID has been charged by the CEOs of LHP members to strategically assess, approve and direct COVID-19 research. As a system we will deliver high quality research that will most benefit the needs of our residents and healthcare system, with all Partners aiming to excel in Nationally and locally led COVID-19 research.