The latest from the Board

Decisions this month include:

  • supporting the proposal to bid for future AHSC designation when DH announce the process 
  • developing a small external, expert advisory board to improve our national/international links
  • linking with an international academic health science centre – discussions are currently ongoing
  • approving LHP’s Strategy 2020-21, including LHP’s new vision – to transform the strategic landscape for research, education and service in Cheshire and Merseyside – and the key priorities to:
  • make Cheshire and Merseyside a more attractive place to do research
  • improve research capacity and capability
  • improve opportunities for partners to contribute to LHP
  • improve the recognition and profile of LHP
  • ensure continual improvement of LHP
  • support Innovation 
  • focus research on the region’s health needs
  • approving the approach regarding the Community Involvement and Engagement (CIE) Strategy across LHP.  LHP will facilitate an event with CIE partners (date to be announced) to share best practice and experiences and to showcase our strengths in CIE, directing people to CIE resources across LHP.   


To support all performance monitoring across LHP, the Board was shown the newly developed performance management dashboard for LHP and LHP SPARK.